Thanks so much for your interest!  


I'd love to photograph your little one but the bunny portion of scheduled sessions are fully booked.  However, because there has been so much interest in this event, the Heritage Hen folks and I agreed that we would extend the hours to 5pm.  In the event that the bunnies need a rest from all of the day's activity, there are supposed to be recently hatched baby chicks so it is possible that we would do baby chick sessions after 3:30 on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The guidelines are as follows:

Thank you again for your interest in the Spring Mini Session Photoshoot with Erica Dunhill at Heritage Hen Farm!  I'm so excited to capture some sweet moments of your children.  Please note the following restrictions and important information:

ARRIVAL:  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled time.  This allows for your child to get acclimated and feel comfortable and not rushed into photos.  This also allows you time to park and walk down the path to the photo session.  There will be a stand and the nice folks at Heritage Hen on the way to the photo session spot on the farm.

BATHROOMS:  There are No Bathrooms on the farm.  Please take this into consideration when planning your outing.

PARKING:  Parking at Heritage Hen Farm is on the road at the entrance.

SESSION TIME:  The photography session will be timed and starts promptly at the time booked.  It will be exactly 15 minutes in length.  If you are late you will not be refunded via time or monies; please arrive 2o minutes prior to the start time so that this problem doesn't occur.  The session will end at 15 minutes as the sessions are booked back-to-back.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  This event will take place rain or shine.  There is a tent for cover from the rain to hold the session within if necessary.  In the event of extreme weather you will be notified of a new date.  Should the date be missed and you cannot make the new one, unfortunately, it cannot be refunded.

ANIMAL:  There will be a bunny present with intention to be held gently by children during their photoshoot.  You are more than welcome to request the bunny not be apart of the photo session and we are happy to oblige.  Please let Erica know ahead of time so that the full 15 minutes are spent photographing your child.

PARTICIPANTS:  These Spring Mini Sessions are for children only.  If you'd like photographs of your whole family, Erica is more than happy to schedule a regular session with you or add you to a Holiday Mini Session.  Happy to chat about it if you have any questions!

PHOTO RELEASE:  Each registration is not complete until the photo release is signed and returned.  Photos will not be taken nor delivered without a prior photo release form signature.