Traveling with Soul

We recently returned from a family trip to Central America; hands down it was both amazing and adventurous.  Reliving Poás Volcano was so, so special for my husband and I as we watched both explore her trails.

©Erica Dunhill

Seeing friends makes any time sweet; spending beach days with friends on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is far from bad too.  Watching our Littles play with their Tico Friends is so wonderful.  Watching them get on so well is all a parent can wish for, especially when far from home {THANK YOU, Friends!! xo}.

And there was Panama:  it involved a by-foot border crossing, slipping into a van with a Spanish-speaking man with whom we took a leap of faith; trusting he'd bring us to Bocas Town.  We bartered with boat captains and hopped between boats to Bastimentos.  And it was worth it.  Two wide-eyed boys watched the landscape and lifestyle change and saw a neighborhood of children make grand games from a mere stick and old ball.  They slept under mosquito nets and through rooster-calls, watched mama goats keep their babes close, met boys in the island jungle, partook in fresh coconuts from their trees and played "marbles" barefoot with a basketball on their hill.  They saw that the world is more than South Florida.  That it's big and varied and now, maybe, understand a little more why we pray for all the children of the world at night in our bed far from this car-less archipelago where they walk to school, have friends without running water or electricity and play daily at the water's edge.

We are so thankful and blessed and everything in between.

Here's to Life, friends!

xo Erica

P.S..- my Passport is always current and documenting moments here or afar is always just an email scheduling away...!  xo


So now I am an Aunt (sigh).  

©Erica Dunhill azqueta

There are five beautiful, amazing and loving nieces and nephews (Jacob, Caleb, Miss Lottie, Miss Belle and Little Miss India) far across the sea that I am lucky to call my family.  They are perfect.  I miss them.  And I miss knowing that our boys are way across the pond from them.  To bring them together to for a childhood knowing each other is something I so dearly hope to make happen.

Now they have a cousin that is within bike-pedaling distance and it's a lot to appreciate and look forward to as time unfolds it's moments.  Having this new little nephew means so much more now too.  Knowing everything my little sister has gone through to be a mom is a lot for a big sister to wrap her head around; but I'm trying.  I remember her being the little sidekick at slumber parties whom my friends all adored.  I remember everything at four-year-intervals...My high school graduation as she began at Newman, my degree from Florida State as she decided to move to Jacksonville, my marriage as she graduated UNF, my first baby the year she got married.  And now, I have a four-year-old as she and her husband welcome a new tiny little Trip to the world and I couldn't be happier.  

I'm so glad he's here.  I'm so glad she's safe-and-sound.  I'm so glad they're both healthy.  I'm so proud to introduce this little miracle.



To blog...

So it turns out it's been A YEAR since I've blogged!  Turns out that I'm constantly pushing toward deadlines and trying to "live in the moment" with two Littles in my down time so the blogging seems to be a thing-of-the-past for me but, alas, when I do jot down the highlights and inspirations from a photo shoot or bridal-addressing-session, it feels wonderful.  So...I'll keep this blog alive with a goal to write from time-to-time.

In the meantime, you can check my instagram feed (@ericadunhill) or scan my work from the view of some other writers:

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